More Proof the Good News Is Hidden Away from Us

The world is becoming steadily less violent.

Statistics reveal dramatic reductions in war deaths, family violence, racism, rape, murder and all sorts of mayhem.

In his book, [Harvard psychologist Steven] Pinker writes: “The decline of violence may be the most significant and least appreciated development in the history of our species.”

And it runs counter to what the mass media is reporting and essentially what we feel in our guts.


You Have No Idea How Vast the Conspiracy Is

Evidence that the Universe is Fine-Tuned for Life?

NASA-funded researchers found evidence this past summer that some building blocks of DNA, the molecule that carries the genetic instructions for life, found in meteorites were likely created in space. The research gives support to the theory that a “kit” of ready-made parts created in space and delivered to Earth by meteorite and comet impacts assisted the origin of life.

Crime Shrinking

How the Plummeting Price of Cocaine Fueled the Nationwide Drop in Violent Crime

Starting in the mid-1990s, major American cities began a radical transformation. Years of high violent crime rates, thefts, robberies, and inner-city decay suddenly started to turn around. Crime rates didn’t just hold steady, they began falling faster than they went up. This trend appeared in practically every post-industrial American city, simultaneously.

Cost of Solar Energy Is Shrinking

We’re just a few years from the point at which electricity from solar panels becomes cheaper than electricity generated by burning coal. The progress in solar panels has been dramatic and sustained.

Solar Is Getting Cheaper, but How Far Can It Go?

Here Comes the Sun

California Solar Industry Booming: Report Finds State’s Solar Capacity Has Doubled Over Past Five Years

The usual take on solar power is that it’s a niche energy source, too pricey and erratic to meet more than a sliver of our electricity needs. Bill Gates has mocked solar as “cute.” But, as Paul Krugman reminds us today, that’s changing far more quickly than people realize. “In fact,” Krugman writes, “progress in solar panels has been so dramatic and sustained that, as a blog post at Scientific American put it, ‘there’s now frequent talk of a Moore’s law in solar energy,’ with prices adjusted for inflation falling around 7 percent a year.”

Creeping Equality

Women now get more than half of all the doctorates awarded in American universities, but they’re still catching up in the fields of chemistry, engineering, and math.

Already, statistics from the Council of Graduate Schools show that women, overall, earned slightly more than half of the doctorates handed out in all disciplines in the United States in 2009 and 2010. When it comes to the STEM fields, women have been most successful in medicine and biology – and least successful in engineering, math and computer science.

But experts hope that, too, will change. A recent report from the American Association of University Women notes that, 30 years ago, the ratio of seventh- and eighth-grade boys who scored more than 700 on the SAT math exam, compared with girls, was 13 to 1. Now it’s 3 to 1.

We May Not Be Able to Imagine the Wonderul Transformations Looming

Technological breakthroughs happen so often and we adapt to them so quickly, they make miracles seem commonplace.

Once technology jumps over a hurdle thought impassable before, it makes that supposed miracle utterly commonplace and boring. 40 years ago, the idea of a mobile smart phone was utter magic. Now, nobody even bats an eye at it even as the ripples of this change affect us all in surprising ways. That’s what technology does — it makes miracles so easy, it’s boring.

Occupy Earth

We May Be Witnessing the First Large Global Conflict Where People Are Aligned by Consciousness and Not Nation State or Religion

A world war is underway. It’s unlike any war in history. People around the world are not identifying themselves along national or religious lines, but as a global consciousness: demanding peace, democracy, sustainability, & economic justice. Their enemy is the corporatocracy that has bought governments, created its own armed enforcers, engaged in economic fraud, & plundered treasuries & ecosystems.

Occupy Yourself

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world”
-Mahatma Gandhi

Real change that is sustainable is an inside job.

Still, real change that is sustainable is also an inside job. We are each a hologram and microcosm of the collective, and the inequities of the world will only be fully resolved when we heal the inequities of our own projections. Even if you don’t fully subscribe to this point of view, just imagine what kinds of transformation could be possible in your own life by applying some metaphors of the Occupy movement to your personal development.

Let’s Keep Digging to See What else the Media Is Ignoring

Like the U.S. homicide rate, Canada’s rate just keeps falling and falling.

The homicide rate in Canada has fallen to its lowest annual level in 44 years, thanks to significant drops in British Columbia, Alberta and Manitoba, Statistics Canada revealed Tuesday morning as it gave detailed numbers for 2010.

The national homicide rate is now 1.62 for every 100,000 population. It has been declining since it reached a peak in the mid-1970s.