Spiritually Activated Radio: Visionary Activist Radio Show

Visionary Activist Radio Show, hosted by Caroline Casey


Spiritually Activated Environmentalism: Green Hermeticism

What is Green Hermeticism? It’s a response to the problem that there hasn’t been sufficient spiritual focus for the environmental movement. Without a spiritual focus, a movement like this doesn’t generate the kind of emotional energy that it needs to battle against global capitalism.


Victories in 2007

Good, tough news: Victories in 2007


Let’s Toast to Ten Good Things About 2007

More good, tough news: Let’s Toast to Ten Good Things About 2007 by Medea Benjamin


Global Flash Points: How to Spot Signs of Peace

Future good, tough news? Global Flash Points: How to Spot Signs of Peace


Learning To Love You More

Entertaining “assignments” from artist Miranda July:

  • Perform the phone call someone else wished they could have.
  • Give advice to yourself in the past.
  • Reread your favorite book from fifth grade.
  • Make a portrait of your friend’s desires.