A Strong Dose of Pure Pronoiac Evidence

Amazing Grace: The Nine Principles of Living in Natural Magic by David Wolfe and Nick Good

Rob says: “This book is offered by the same company that publishes my books. My publisher says that David Wolfe is the ‘second most pronoiac person in the world’ after me.”

Jonathan Zap: Essays

The Glorified Body: Metamorphosis of the Body and the Crisis Phase of Human Evolution

Suffering associated with body image has reached such epidemic proportions in our culture that it must be counted as one of the greatest spiritual plagues ever to be visited upon mankind.

Resource Fluctuations Happen—-Working with Scarcity and Abundance

The Taoist assumption is that the universe is unfolding as it should. Resources fluctuate, and fluctuation is the heartbeat of life, an essential part of the dynamic aliveness and interest of incarnation. And it takes times of both abundance and scarcity, along with every other sort of fluctuation, for there to be development.

Projection: The Enemy of Peace and Justice

Environmental destruction, racism, violence, injustice, war derive from a
single source — the human psyche. An activist who is not interested in psychological underpinnings is analogous to a botanist who is not interested in biology.

Dynamic Paradoxicalism

The greatest of life skills is the ability to live with ambiguity, ambivalence, and paradox without trying to regularize these uncertainties into finished, absolute truths.

Kill the Time Grid and Fire up your Life: A Lesson in Practical Magic

The test of a big dream is to ask yourself, ‘Will I remember this well on my death bed?’ If you have a big dream you will probably find that to accomplish it will require a minimum of two hours of devoted activity per day.

The Path of the Numinous: Living and Working with the Creative Muse, or The Muse: Ego Can’t Live with Her, Creative Fulfillment Can’t Happen Without Her

A Guide to the Perplexed Interdimensional Traveler