Practice Focusing on What Works

What are your favorite happy or optimistic songs?

For example “Free Energy” by Free Energy or “Mr Blue Sky” by ELO. What songs make you feel alive and wanting to stay that way?


Scour the Earth for What Makes You Feel Good

Recommend aggressively happy music. The kind of music that punches happiness into you no matter how much you don’t want it to be there. The sort that explodes into spiky neon flowers.


Pronoia Sneaks up on You from Everywhere

Birds on Wires Making Music


What if You Made It a Point to Absorb Music and Art and Stories That Made You Feel Good?

“What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong


Music To Change By

“Perfect Storm” by David Wilcox from the album Airstream


Music: Qareeb by Najma

Qareeb by Najma

Her soaring, melodious voice expresses the sublime ache to become lost in union with the Beloved.