What if Everything’s Alive and Conscious?

Rupert Sheldrake and the Physics of Angels

If the universe is alive, if solar systems are alive, if galaxies are alive, if planets are alive, are they conscious? Or are they alive but unconscious, in the same way that perhaps a worm or a bacterium might be alive but unconscious? And is the kind of life that may exist in the cosmos more conscious than ourselves, or do we have to assume it’s a great deal less conscious than ourselves? Are we the smartest beings in the universe? Now the usual answer of science is yes. I think that’s a very improbable assumption.


Pretty Much Anything That Boosts Female Power Is Pronoiac

Rob says: “You may, like me, wish America spent just a thousandth as much on its military as it does now, and you may, like me, be vehemently opposed to America’s interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan. Despite those caveats, I think this is good news:”

The number of high-ranking women and women who command all-male units has climbed considerably along with their status in the military.