People You Don’t Know and Have Never Heard of Are Working to Fix Things

Top 11 Social Innovators Saving The World In 2011

McKinsey & Company’s Social Innovation Video Contest highlights innovators who are confronting the world’s greatest challenges and gives participants the chance to publicize their organization and encourage involvement.

After receiving nearly 150 videos from 30 different countries, the contest has narrowed down its top entries to just 11.

Of course, when the range of innovations include issues such as sanitation and water distribution, to education and green energy — the real challenge might be choosing just one winner.


Just Another Person Working Very Hard to Do Good Deeds

Greatest person of the Day

The Paradigm Project co-founder wants to bring fuel-efficient stoves to poor, rural communities around the world. The stoves can save time and money, while also reducing toxic emissions from wood fires by 40 to 60 percent. That results in 7.5 metric tons of carbon offsets, which can then be sold in European and American-based carbon markets

Lucky Errors

Where Good Ideas Come From: 6 Brilliant, World-Changing Mistakes

Making mistakes turns out to be a strangely generative process: it sends you down a new path, allows an interesting new connection to form in your mind. The history of being spectacularly right has a shadow history lurking behind it: a much longer history of being spectacularly wrong, again and again…And not just wrong, but messy. A shockingly large number of transformative ideas in the annals of science can be attributed to contaminated laboratory environments.