New Species Revealed

Rob says: “People keep finding animals we never knew existed. Among the new discoveries: the Wobbegong shark, the Tongian White-eye bird, and the Green Tree Skink, which has green blood.”


Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge and Play Is More Important Than Belief

“The Imagination And The Environment” by Erik Davis

“The imagination is a pivotal interface between human beings and the natural world.”

Rob says: “A talk by one of my fellow lobbyists-for-the-imagination, Erik Davis”


A Strong Dose of Pure Pronoiac Evidence

Amazing Grace: The Nine Principles of Living in Natural Magic by David Wolfe and Nick Good

Rob says: “This book is offered by the same company that publishes my books. My publisher says that David Wolfe is the ‘second most pronoiac person in the world’ after me.”


Towards a New Spirituality in Art

“The Remodernist Manifesto” by Billy Childish and Charles Thomson

We don’t need more dull, boring, brainless destruction of convention . . . We need an art that integrates body and soul and recognizes enduring and underlying principles which have sustained wisdom and insight  throughout humanity’s history.


Towards a New Spirituality in Poetry

“The Kosmic Karma of an Integral Poet” by Paul Lonely

Dear postmodern and contemporary artists of the world: You’re trying too hard. Most of you seem to be dead set on becoming the next ‘mad genius.’ And, quite frankly, it’s cliché . . . It’s high time for a group of integral artists to transcend the trendiness of self-deconstruction and call for a global transformation. May I be so bold as to offer a couple new mantras for the 21st century? Here’s the first: Art for Spirit’s Sake. Do you like it? If so, I offer the second: Sanity is the new Crazy. Shadow work, meditation, yoga, contemplation, prayer, authentic self inquiry. SANITY is the new Crazy.


Breakthrough Emotions

Scientific American says “You Can Learn to Be More Compassionate”