Pronoia for the Poor

Iceland economy is recovering from its collapse a few years ago? How? Because it has pushed losses on to bondholders instead of taxpayers, and because it has safeguarded a welfare system that shielded the unemployed from poverty.


I Dare You to Imagine How Life Might Improve

Fixing the free market. How co-ops — businesses in which the employees are also the owners of the company — merge economic growth with social goals.

Eufrecina De Jesus, ICDC’s founder and director, says the cooperative model—in which the employees are also the owners of a company—is the only solution for combining the power of business with the social goal of solidarity.

Pronoia Saves Money

World peace would save the global economy $7 trillion a year. Becoming more peaceful translates into economic gains because less money needs to be spent on security and can be invested instead to make the country more prosperous.


Be Brave Enough to Question the Authority of the Fear-Mongers

When all the economic news you read is gloomy, you’re getting a distorted picture of reality. Try these to supplement your fact-finding mission.


Pronoia Isn’t Necessarily About Bigger and More

Thriving on Less