There Are So Many Other Modes of Consciousness and Types of Intelligence Besides the Dominant Ones

“Awakening the Cosmic Serpent: Shamanism and Plant Teachers in This Transformative Time”: a class offered by my favorite website, Reality Sandwich

Indigenous wisdom about plant medicine can open the path to deep personal healing and a profound understanding of the universe, and for many people this ancient knowledge is transforming modern life.


Class: “Star Innovations: The Internal Alchemy of the Soul”


Sunday January 14th, 2007
10:00 – 5:30
Marin County, California

Elias Lonsdale is the author of three potent books that have brought major innovations to the ancient art. In over 35 years of research, he has articulated a vision of astrology as a spiritual path to freedom.

This Sunday, he’s teaching his first class in many years. Among the topics to be discussed are the 12 astrological houses, degree symbolism, the constellations, and the fixed stars. Beginners are welcome.

Cost: $125 – 200 sliding scale