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Like the U.S. homicide rate, Canada’s rate just keeps falling and falling.

The homicide rate in Canada has fallen to its lowest annual level in 44 years, thanks to significant drops in British Columbia, Alberta and Manitoba, Statistics Canada revealed Tuesday morning as it gave detailed numbers for 2010.

The national homicide rate is now 1.62 for every 100,000 population. It has been declining since it reached a peak in the mid-1970s.


Tracking Another Bizarre, Inexplicable Phenomenon

Teens Are the Happiest People in Canada

According to new data from Statistics Canada, teens are the happiest people in Canada. And they’re getting happier.

In fact, 96 per cent of Canadians aged 12 to 19 reported they were highly satisfied with life in 2009. That’s compared to 94 per cent of teens who reported either being satisfied or very satisfied with their lives in 2008. Each year the Canadian Community Health Survey asks Canadians to rank their life satisfaction, and the data shows that teens are getting more satisfied every year.