Conspiracy to Create Clean Energy

Brazilian wind power now cheaper than natural gas

Seventy-eight wind power projects won contracts in last week’s energy auctions held by Brazil’s National Electric Power Agency, totalling 1,928MW and priced at approximately 99.5 reals (£37.4) per MWh.

By comparison, the average price for power generated with natural gas is currently 103 reals (£38.7) per MWh in Brazil, while the average price for energy determined through the auctions was 102.07 reals per MWh.


News: Large Part of Amazon Saved From Logging

Brazil protects great swath of Amazon

“A swath of Amazon rain forest the size of Alabama was placed under
government protection. Known as the Guayana Shield, the 57,915-
square-mile area contains more than 25 percent of the world’s remaining
humid tropical forests and the largest remaining unpolluted fresh water
reserves in the American tropics.”

Please note that this link is to a different source of the same AP article originally linked to by Rob.