Back from the Dead

“Lost” Long-Fingered Frog rediscovered in Africa after 62 years, scientists say.

In a handy stroke of luck, scientists have rediscovered a “lost” African species: the Bururi long-fingered frog.

Last seen in 1949, the 1.3-inch-long (3.2-centimeter-long) amphibian was found during a December 2011 biodiversity survey in the small central African country of Burundi, scientists announced in March.


Conspiracies to Commit Beauty and Sustainability

Singapore will soon become more of a garden than a city

The impact of Singapore’s biodiversity efforts have been substantial. In the last ten years alone, the region’s National Parks Board has seen around 500 new species of flora and fauna either reemerge or appear for the first time. Members of Singapore’s government also believe that the city’s environmental efforts have gone a long way in attracting foreign investment and biotech companies.