What if Being Pronoiac is Good for you?

The Harvard School of Public Health in Boston has found that a positive outlook on life can actually protect your heart from cardiovascular disease.

In this comprehensive review of over 200 studies of various forms of well-being and cardiovascular health outcomes, Harvard researchers Julia Boehm and Laura Kubzansky discovered that certain psychological traits—optimism, positive emotions and a sense of meaning—offer measurable protection against heart attacks and strokes. These characteristics have been found to slow the progression of cardiovascular disease as well.


One thought on “What if Being Pronoiac is Good for you?

  1. HA!!. My DAD knew this.. Those researchers have got it spot-on…as a kid(well, technically, I’m still one, as I’m a Baby boomer!), I’ve always known that rose coloured glasses were the best, most efficacious defence against the Boogie Man.
    Once upon a time, a wise journalist asked Meryl Streep what she “knew” to be true.
    No one’s gonna ask me; hey, that’s cool, cause finding your own truths is what we’re here for, anyway. And all one has to do is trust(well, that, and exhibit extraordinary patience during periods of retrograde, sigh). Thanks, Rob; been reading the site for five years now…great stuff.

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