2 thoughts on “People Unknown to You Are Working Behind the Scenes to Create a Better World

  1. Let’s be fair here, the headline is misleading: these are 12 diseases that could be completely eradicated from the world if vaccines were made available to all, which sadly tells us there are people unknown who are still working behind the scenes to prevent a better world.

  2. I think the headline is accurate. It says “cured” not “eradicated” – the difference is exactly as you say: we now have the ability to eradicate the disease, but we haven’t yet taken the step.

    And sure, there are people who are still pursuing narrow self-interests to a degree that helps prevent a better world, but those folks get more than their fair share of press. I for one like to hear the less talked-about stories: the ones that correctly tell us that it’s not *all* doom and gloom out there.

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